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Parents Say About Us

  • Adv Mathews Mankoollain B.A.LLB.

    Adv Mathews Mankoollain B.A.LLB.

    We are so glad to state that our child Rochelle Noble Thomas has improved her handwriting to a very great extent after attending the handwriting course candidate by MS Mini Gouri.
    I Strongly recommend the parents to send thier children to the course if your child need handwriting imrovement.
    I wish her all sucess

  • Priya Varghees

    Priya Varghees

     I sent my son, joshua to mini’s handwriting and calligraphy classes. an intention of improving his handwriting eligibility and speed.he used to find it difficult to take down the work in class the classes have helped his both aspects. i am completely satisfied with mini’s handwriting and calligraphy.
    thanks again mini.

  • R. Kavitha Thambi

    R. Kavitha Thambi

    My Doughter had a wonderful experience at the mini gouri handwriting and calligraphy classes.
    when she start the class her handwriting was sometimes illegibly facts that she could not write cursive . today after compilation of her course her handwriting not only a cursive but also shown remarkable improvement which has also won the appreciation her teachers and peers. we extent our deep gratitude MS Mini for efficiently guiding our daughter through this journey.

  • Mother of Fatima

    Mother of Fatima

    My Doughter fatimah did calligraphy course with mini’s handwriting and calligraphy. i must say i was surprised when i saw her writing . this course is very helpful in her school project and art works. the most amazing comment i’ve had after seeing the calligraphy “this beutiful and perfect it was ” fatima also feels very when she stand out among her classmates and friends becourse of her beutiful presentation of work at school. i will definitly recommend everyone to do this course

  • Deepa Subramanaian

    Deepa Subramanaian

    A bsic tool in the art of communication handwriting – plays a important role . with computer and varied subject taking ever. time denoted to handwriting becomes short by the time. we realise it seems a littile late to begin all ever again Thank’s to MS Mini. i see big chainge in son’s approch to writing and calligraphy. i had almost given up on littile formation and a beutiful script but amazed to see chainge. patience, prefences, and immense talent and skill Ms Mini bought improved difference and the chainge and presentation style is new confident
    thank you!!

  • Vrith - Dubai

    Vrith - Dubai

    Thanks a lot mini for teaching both my kids calligraphy and writing they both have enjoyd your classes and now writes beutifully . we will come back to do advance calligraphy class and the advance writing skill . thanks once againe  

  • Loleen Loto

    Loleen Loto

    After Joining the handwriting & Calligraphy class, they have improves their handwriting skill as well as inreased their writing skill and speed. thanks for you’r effort taken. good classes 

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